NTNU Technology Transfer AS works to create value from research results and good ideas that come out of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and The Central Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Midt-Norge). Our goal is for these to reach the market as socially beneficial products and services.

Knowledge is our competitive edge

Future generations will grow up in an economy based less on oil and more on knowledge. Those who manage to solve challenges connected with this transition in smarter and more efficient ways will be the winners. And herein lies our competitive advantage.

Our high cost level in Norway means that we will never be be the cheapest solution. So, we’ve got to be the best!

We have great opportunities in the knowledge-based economy. We are good at knowledge and research, and everything we’ve learned and discovered can be turned into new business (industries): new inventions, new solutions, new technology, new companies and new jobs.

Technology Transfer

The road from research to the market is a complex one with many possibilities. Here scientists and business people meet, testing old and new solutions as well as the relationship between needs and the market. Making the right choices requires experience, expertise and a network. If you choose the right opportunities — and make good use of them — you will have a good foundation for success in the market.

In this landscape, innovative technology is transformed into commercial value in the form of new companies or in collaboration with existing industry. This is called Technology Transfer.

In Trondheim and at NTNU, we have a tradition of innovation and cooperation with the business community dating back for over a century. Thanks to innovative talent, Norway has distinguished itself internationally as the foremost in both hydropower and offshore technology, and we have the world’s cleanest processing industry. GSM (Global Mobile Communications Systems) technology started here, and the graphics processors that enabled the smart phone revolution also come from Trondheim.

Our knowledge and research have given us the opportunity to create a better world while contributing to long-term value creation for Norway. To get there, we need people who are both capable and determined!

NTNU Technology Transfer AS

NTNU Technology Transfer AS was established in 2003 and is owned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Helse Midt-Norge RHF (HMN). The purpose of TTO is to secure, manage, develop, market and sell rights of use and property rights to knowledge, ideas, inventions and other intangible values created by NTNU and HMN.

TTO is NTNU’s and HMN’s strategic tool for generating “benefit from research”.

Norway’s Research Council and FORNY2020 (proof of concept funding), Innovation Norway and SIVA (a public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries) are all important partners and support the process of commercializing innovation (new knowledge).

At the most basic level, our aim is to spread technology and knowledge. Commercialization is our tool for doing just that. In this way, the research benefits society in the form of new products, new services, new industries and new jobs.

Technology Transfer is our core activity for creating value.
Research creates new opportunities. Innovation creates new reality. Our job is to lead the way from opportunity to reality. We do this by eliminating (reducing?) risks and increasing the commercial value of research results. This makes future earnings opportunities and value creation more visible, obvious and attractive to investors, industry and business. And this increases the probability that new inventions will succeed in the marketplace or be utilized in an organization.

Commercialization that leads to a wide dstribution of knowledge for NTNU is a measure of our effectiveness. Therefore, we share NTNU’s vision of spreading knowledge for a better world.

For example: In 2014, TTO sold its shares in Mobitroll AS. As of 2017, the company had over 40 million monthly users in 180 countries. That company — better known today as Kahoot! — is an example of the dissemination of technology and knowledge for a better world. Kahoot! has been played over a billion times and contributes to an increased pleasure of learning for schoolchildren around the world.

NTNU Technology Transfer by the numbers

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