Project Description

Heavelock expands the weather window by 25% when drilling from floating rigs.

A fully autonomous solution that integrates into existing hardware.
While drilling through the reservoir section, experiencing even small fluctuations in pressure, around 2-3 bars, can lead to both dangerous and costly consequences such as kicks and formation damage.

The Heavelock works by autonomously sensing the movement of the drillstring, and dynamically allowing or restricting flow through it is able to efficiently counteract the detrimental pressure changes that arise downhole due to heave of the rig.

MPD from floaters has been proposed as the solution to this problem, but it will only work as long as there is very little heave of the rig. Once rig heave is a factor and a connection is to be performed, the drillstring starts moving up and down into the hole acting like a piston. The pressure changes from this are shown to be very large – as high as in the range of 10-20 bars in given cases. Almost 10 times more than what is needed for MPD in general.

Heavelock solves one of the very few remaining obstacles for offshore MPD to become a reality.