Project Description

Surgical products for image guided navigation

MultiGuide is an image guided instrument that enables true navigation of non-navigable working instruments. It is easily adaptable to any commercial available navigation system, for example through universal adapter systems. It has 3 main components, the proximal piece, the body and the end piece.

Application areas:

Tumors appears in regions that is not easily accessible for biopsies. Biopsy is necessary for the diagnostic of any tumor and the basis for correct treatment.MultiGuide enables us with a minimal invasive image guided technique to do both fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsies in regions not easily accessible, avoiding open surgery.

such as e.g. stimulation electrodes, targeted drug delivery systems and drug-eluting devices could be challenging to place correctly. In general, it is performed as open surgery under general anesthesia. MultiGuide provides an alternative technique for precise placement of implants with a minimal invasive technique, improving current procedures and enabling placement in hard to reach regions.

Destructive procedures
represents a wide range of techniques used in pain syndromes, local tumor control and neural modulation. Such structures are frequently in regions not readily accessible. MultiGuide enables us to reach such regions with any kind of working instrument to perform destructive procedures with a minimal invasive technique.

High precision injections
Drugs with local effect, such as botulinum toxin, short-acting anesthetics and destructive substances needs to be administered accurately for optimal effect. They are used mainly in pain syndromes and neurological diseases. Using MultiGuide enables the user to perform the administration with millimeter accuracy with a minimal invasive technique. May be performed by non-surgical specialist, for example a neurologist.