Real-time sensor fusion for autonomous systems

Business idea
More accurate operations of autonomous vehicles.
SentiSystems core product is the SentiBoard that delivers precise and reliable real-time sensor fusion for autonomous systems.
SentiBoard is a reconfigurable sensor timing board that accurately records the Time of Validity (TOV) from all on board sensors, performing sensor synchronization, while acting as a protocol conversion tool.

Autonomous systems: Drones, robotics,  terminal logistics, high precision agriculture, machines, vehicles and automotive.

The innovation lies in the combination of high timing accuracy of below 1ms, high flexibility for changing sensor types, high sensor suite configurability, easily upgradeable sensor suite and low footprint.


  • Tested and verified by Norwegian and international industry in full-scale systems.
  • Onboarded full time employees.
  • Product is in use by customers.
  • Developed prototype of next generation SentiBoard.  Initial experiments and verification of : more processing on-board, Ethernet module, PTP.