Palion Medical is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, Norway. The company is commercializing a new medical device, “MultiGuide”.

MultiGuide enables the SPG Block treatment which targets refractory chronic migraine patients as well as cluster headache patients. The SPG Block procedure has been clinically performed more than 200 times, with promising results.

Headaches such as migraine or cluster headache are severe and disabling diseases with significant social costs as it affects young individuals during their productive years.


Robert Taub, a serial entrepreneur and investor in life science – and Olivier Taelman, a seasoned executive in neuromodulation – have invested approximately EUR 1.5 million. Palion Medical (with origins from St. Olavs Hospital and NTNU) have a medical device and a which might help for refractory chronic migraine patients as well as cluster headache patients. “It is very satisfactory to be able to attract best possible investments through such competent investors with highly relevant medical and industrial experience to Palion Medical, and we are very excited about the future for the company.” says chairman Lars Lund-Roland.

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