Deadline May 28th

After a long and hard winter, spring is here, and you are invited to Vårslæpp 2024!

We are moving the party to Dokkhuset again this year and offer exciting lectures, music, good food and drinks as well as meetings with nice people. What could be better than enjoying a spring evening in a cheerful setting on Trondheim’s sunny side?

Vårslæpp is a party for those who generate ideas and those who contribute to these ideas developing and eventually being used in society. You are doing a fantastic and important job, and we think you deserve to be praised!

Welcome to Vårslæpp at Dokkhuset June 5th!


We meet at Dokkhuset and have a glass of something good to drink.


Our CEO, Eivind Andersen welcomes everyone. Then we hear a bit about a selection of exciting innovation projects from NTNU and the healthcare institutions in HMN.

Food is served from 19:00.


There will be fantastic entertainment by Hans Petter Nilsen, Ivar Nergaard og Jovan Pavlovic.

Rest of the evening

The rest of the evening is free – talk, listen, laugh, learn, sing, have a good time, but don’t fall in the water.


I accept NTNU Technology Transfers personvern erklæring.


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